Your Subconscious Programming

Beautiful One,

Your subconscious mind, thinking the thoughts below the surface and beyond your awareness, rules the house. No matter how much effort you place on your conscious mind, your subconscious mind always wins. Did you know that you have about 60,000 thoughts each day, most of which you are not aware of?

This subconscious mind creates behavior patterns that, most of the time, you take on auto pilot: making choices, decisions, and actions without YOU being consciously aware of them. 

The subconscious mind creates limitations and sets walls where it considers it is to be safe or not safe – your comfort zone. If you step out of your comfort zone, your subconscious mind’s auto pilot will kick in and bring you right back to your comfort zone in almost all areas of your life: regarding money, success, love, speaking your truth, asking for help, being intimate, being safe and secure, being visible, being truthful, etc.

This place of comfort, your comfort zone, is your prison that keeps you from an amazing life, a life of total awareness, total aliveness, total radiance, total creativity, and total freedom, total contribution, and much more.

Have you noticed this pattern of your subconscious programing running your life? Were you aware of this subconscious pattern that keeps running cycles over and over again, limiting your success in reaching out to serve others, bringing abundance, being open and happy with your relationships, or in certain areas of your life? It is time to put stop on this subconscious programing that runs your life. If you had enough of this and say to yourself, “this is it!” Then, I know I can help.

Much love and light,

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P.P.P.S. Are you ready to step into, and live in, the higher dimension of pure love, light, ease, flow, and effortlessness to awaken and claim your divine power of who you really are, to serve the world on whole new and higher levels of your being, and ready to let go of any 3rd dimensional limitations, programming, operating systems, attachments, pain, suffering, and the feeling of being trapped? If so, then, I am here for you. Please email me ( to request a 30 minute no-cost MIRACLE REBIRTHING CREATION DISCOVERY session with me…Serious inquiries only, please!

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