Would you like to become intimately connected with the divine and the forces of the universe?

Beautiful One,

Feeling deeply blissful, with extreme quietness within, in this moment, one with all that is, connected intimately with Mother Earth, all its elements, the air, the divine, the galaxy all around me…

There is no separation, there is only oneness… All desires are fulfilled in this moment, all needs are met in this moment…Love is felt so deeply in this moment, the true self is apparent and awakened in this stillness…

What an amazing profound experience of the divine! I wish this for you, for each and every soul, and for the entire humanity. If you desire to become intimately connected to the divine and your god-self within, the solution to all of your life-long seeking and suffering, then find out more about Rebirth in Light and how others have benefited, by clicking HERE!

Much Love and Light,

P.S. You’re not just a person on a list to me.  I would like to connect with you personally and energetically. The best way for us to connect is on Facebook and on my blog, right after I post something new.

P.P.S. Do YOU have topics or questions that you would like to receive insights on? If so, leave a comment below wih those topics or questions. I truly appreciate all of your feedback – it keeps me inspired to continue my work each day.

P.P.P.S. Are you ready to step into, and live in, the higher dimension of pure love, light, ease, flow, and effortlessness to awaken and claim your divine power of who you really are, to serve the world on whole new and higher levels of your being, and ready to let go of any 3rd dimensional limitations, programming, operating systems, attachments, pain, suffering, and the feeling of being trapped? If so, then, I am here for you. Please email me (support@youaredivinehuman.com) to request a 30 minute no-cost MIRACLE REBIRTHING CREATION DISCOVERY session with me…Serious inquiries only, please!

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