Spiritual Healing

“This is an Effortless Way of Purifying and Transcending YOU into Your Magnificent and Multidimensional Being of Who You Are – Your God/Goddess Self!”

by Yin Ping Li
“Yin Ping, I Want Feel Beautiful, Feel Loved, and Fearlessly Being Who I Truly AM!
  • Are You Ready to give your Self the gift of a Spiritual Healing, working with the all-powerful, all-mighty, all-miraculous power of GOD through Yin Ping?
  • Do you want to be aligned with your state of being, how you feel, think, perceive, act, live, engage in your world with the true essence of your soul and higher self?
  • Would you like to finally drop the duality of the 3 dimensional illusions of pain, luck, and struggle and live in the kingdom of Divine Mother and God’s oneness presence and perfection?
  • Through Spiritual Healing you will close and heal the Gap between you and YOU, the Goddess within you!
  • And also this process will awaken and active the divine blueprint that is in your DNA now for an accelerated spiritual evolution of your soul.
  • Are YOU READY to get started now? Is it important for you to be fully awake, fully conscious, and fully aware of all your gifts and talents, fully living your divine blueprint and your mission, fully in your multidimensional limitless self and be the Goddess that YOU ARE?
  • Be aware!!! Healing cannot happen if YOU are not choosing to be healed; you are only choosing relief or feel better?

Option 1: 30 min session $500


“Yin Ping, What Is Spiritual Healing?”

It is a healing based on vibration and it is done over the phone! Many call this long distance healing as well. Spiritual Healing offered and conducted personally by Yin Ping may very different than any of the spiritual healing offered and conducted by many other wonderful healers. Spiritual healing offered and conducted personally by Yin Ping is based on her unique soul’s essence signature vibration, and her unique level of personal consciousness, vibration, and alignment with God, all divine, and our galactic universe.

Here are some of the highlights of the Spiritual Healing Offered by Yin Ping:

  • Channels universal life force energy in her spiritual healing process
  • Channels beloved Kuan Yin and divine mothers’ amazing nurturing energy for healing heart’s pain and suffering, and separation with God
  • Calls upon Ascended Master, Jesus, during her healing and clearing process for her clients
  • Works with Saint Jermaine’s violet flam for dissolving your energetic blockages, fears, and so on…
  • Activates your higher self, divine mother, and God layers of your DNA for helping you awakening your divine essence within you
  • Heals your inner child to bring harmony and balance to all your parts of your personality so that you are aligned internally within with your outer vision, mission and your dreams
  • Gives you insights, clarity, and guidance through her renowned intuition and her inner knowing beyond the seen reality

Many know her by her energy; she has an amazingly clear, high, healing and nurturing energy that you will experience when you work with her. Your experience will be profoundly and magical in a sense of how you feel in your body and about yourself after your session with Yin Ping.

It can be a life change experience for you to alter the direction of your life forever. Your experience will be very personal and the only way to find it out is to give it a go. Feel for yourself. You will love it. We promise you.

Option 1: 30 min session $300 now $270 (saving 10%)

Option 1: 30 min session $900 now $720 (saving 20%)

“What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Healing with Yin Ping?”

The benefits of receiving Spiritual Healing are enormous. It not only positively affects your body, mind, emotion, and raises your energy frequency immediately, but also, most profoundly, impacts your spiritual growth, soul’s evolution, and awakens you to your infinite and multidimensional being of who you really are.
Here is a short list:

  • Beautify Your Body
    • Clearing dramatic cellular memories
    • Releasing toxic energetic imprints
    • Losing unwanted pounds and inches
    • Energizing your body
    • Improving your immune system
    • Increasing blood flow
    • Raising vibration of your body
    • Increasing flow of the life force energy
    • Increasing the radiance of your face/skin
    • Slowing down and losing your aging process
  • Activate Your Love
    • Releasing painful emotions
    • Healing childhood traumas
    • Resolving doubts, worries and anxiety
    • Clearing fears of rejections your fear
    • Increasing your compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others
    • Opening and nurturing your heart
    • Increasing the flow of the “love” energy into your heart and your being
    • Improving your self-acceptance and self-worth
    • Busting your “I am not good enough”
    • Feeling loved, peaceful, safe and secure
  • Illuminate Your Mind
    • Resolving 3 dimensional low polarity thoughts
    • Clearing conscious or subconscious thought that no longer serving you
    • Erasing lacking consciousness
    • Releasing culture, social, and mass consciousness that no longer working
    • Re-programing your subconscious and conscious mind
    • Infusing with unity divine thoughts
    • Linking your logical mind with your higher mind
    • Activating multidimensional thought waves
    • Having more mental clarity
    • Quieting your mind
  • Claim Your Divine Power
    • Activating your 3rd eyes
    • Improving your intuition and inner knowing
    • Increasing the flow of creative force energy through you
    • Becoming more consciously aware
    • Increasing the vibration of your entire energy body
    • Awakening your light body
    • Becoming force of light
    • Becoming healing force by your presence
    • Deepening your spiritual connection with your soul, higher self, and God
    • Experiencing God, the force of the universe, personally

Option 1: 30 min session $500

Option 1: 30 min session $500

“How Can I Schedule a Spiritual Healing Session With You, Yin Ping?”

Are you ready to get started right now? Great. You’ll receive your spiritual healing session by phone with me, so you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home or office.
It works like this:

  • Place your order by clicking on one of the links below
  • Our office will send you an email to schedule a 30 min phone session or 3 30 min phone sessions
  • You will need to have an intention or a goal for what spiritual healing your like to receive, or simply open to receive what your soul and higher self intended for you
  • Yin Ping will call you at your scheduled appointment time
  • It will be just perfect, divine, and your will love your experience of healing, clearing, purifying, awakening, and much more…

Option 1: 30 min session $500

Option 1: 30 min session $500

Group Spiritual Energy Healing with Ascended Masters Live Channeled by Yin Ping

Are you ready to be emotional and physical Pain-FREE? Energized, empowered, and aligned with the source of God/Goddess? And finally live Your DIVINE MISSION Successfully with ease, joy, and glory? For The First Time EVER, Yin Ping is offering Group Spiritual Energy Healing Series with Ascended Masters! Oh, yes, “Do Not Delay, Dear One, and your work is important NOW!” New dates: March 29, April 3, 10, and 17. Learn more and register here.

VIP Enlightening Day Private Retreat Live/Skype with Yin Ping

Have you been on all kinds of training, healing, and program and did everything you possibly how to but still feel stuck and no clarity of how to move to your next level of service and contribution with ease and joy? And you are so ready to unstuck where you are and have more joy and flow living and working for what you love NOW? Great! Learn more and register here.