“Speaking whether it is LIVE or over the phone makes me deeply satisfied at the very core of my being – my heart and soul – so deep that I know this is what I called to DO – not only to SPEAK also to HEAL all in the same time!”

By Yin Ping Li

Book Yin Ping Li and Make Your Next Event not only a Memorable Experience also deeply Healing for your audience! (two waving lines with flower in the middle under here)

Out of the thousands of speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the awakening experiences, spiritual insights, depth of the soul, and the nature, charm and warmth of Chinese born Yin Ping Li. Leading the way for women evolutionary and visionary leaders to spiritual awakening, healing, and enlightening to who we really are. Her mission and message speak to people who are seeking more joy, love, happiness, energy, vitality, ease, effortless, insights, truth, and spiritual connection from evolutionary leaders to stay at home moms for all kinds of audiences on a grand scale.

Yin Ping is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars, events, and topic-specific trainings.

Presentations That Awaken Divine Sparkle, Heal Separation, Ignite Love, Inspire Action, and Move Your Soul 

Through her dynamic presentations, Yin Ping draws from the depth of her soul, her consciousness, and her personal experiences to share with audiences those spiritual truths, essential elements, and practical insights her applies in her own everyday spiritual centered, peaceful, luminary, successful, and joyful life!

As an awakened spiritual master, healer, intuitive, and mentor, Yin Ping brings enormous enthusiastic, wisdom, insight, love, light, and healing energy to her presentations. In the last few years that she has been sharing her message, teaching, and healing with the world through her bestselling book, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth, her own internet TV show [Awakening], and countless expert guest appearances on radios, telesummit, and articles that reaches global audiences and markets.

In every talk, Yin Ping draws upon deep connection with her divine higher self, her soul, her special connection divine mothers, Kuan Yin, ascended masters, and the angelic realm and her ancient  wisdom and know-how combined with the practical reality to help your audience not only receiving the healing physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically that creates real time inner shift, but also, provide step by step process to take home that they can implement immediately for lasting change or alter the direction of their lives.

To inquire about Yin Ping speaking at your next event, please contact Jenny on Team You Are Divine Human support@youaredivinehumane.com

Speaking Topics


“Healing… The Gap Between you and the God/Goddess that is YOU!”

Are you ready to be physical and emotional pain-FREE? Can you feel it? There’s a shift and magic in the air. It is the sign of a Golden Age for humanity and planet earth. The old way of being and doing isn’t working anymore. Unless you change the way you think, perceive, believe, behave, speak, and feel, you are up against the new energy – higher vibration energy – galactic core energy – that is what being pull into the planet earth right now. 2012 is a year of shift and change into higher vibration and higher consciousness. It is the perfect time to heal your separation, heal your physical and emotional pain. If you are  in alignment with this higher vibration and higher consciousness then you will have a great ride of an amazing transformation of possibility, joy, love, service, divine expression into your reality …or you will be challenged, up against, feel stuck, or in pain physically or/and emotionally. Yin Ping shares with you the top 5 steps you can take now to start your journey of physical and emotional pain-FREE and heal the gap between you and the God/Goddess that is YOU and bring you instant healing experience!

“Awakening… It’s Time to Remember and Know Who You Really Are!” 

Many are awakening now and see the glimpse and the glorious possibilities of their potential in this lifetime. Yes, it is. For the old soul – star seed – healers and light workers – evolutionary leaders, dear one, it’s time to remember and know who you really are. It’s time to wake up – awakening – to who you really are – the infinite, magnificent, and vibration being of who you really are – the piece of God in you – your higher self is now ready to wake up and awaken to assist you to fulfill your divine blueprint you carrying within your DNA’s and each and every cell and fiber of your being. You know it too, aren’t you? The time is here. You are safe to awakening. Yes, we know you have concerns but we assure you that you are safe to awakening.  Yin Ping shares why it is important that you awakening now and her 7 step to Awakening your soul and remember who you really are starting now and truly feel the vibration of who you really are…

“Enlightening…Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose and Mission here on Earth!”

Are you ready to open your heart, heal your pain and separation, honor your true worth, release your fear of being extraordinary, powerful, luminary, divine, and FINALLY RE-ALIGN, yourself to Source and BEING who you really are?  Imagine yourself living each day at your highest level of service and contribution to humanity and planet earth… while radiating beauty, love, light, joy and abundance…experience true divine love and light in the depth of your heart and your soul and in every levels of your being. Now, relax in the knowledge you have been guided here to make this vision a reality in 2012. Yin Ping shares her personal journey and insights how to living in this state of awareness and vibration of love and light constantly and consistently and her amazing healing energy of deep peace and harmony.

To inquire about Yin Ping speaking at your next event, please contact Jenny Gao on You Are Divine Human Team at support@YouAreDivineHuman.com.