How to Tap Into Your Ultimate Manifestation Power

Beautiful One,

It is essential that you become aware of your own thoughts, behaviors, feelings, words, choices, and programming, as well as your environment, people around you, and how you spend your time in each moment. Only by being aware will you become a powerful conscious co-creator of your life experience with the divine and the forces of the ultimate universe.

This is because your thoughts, feelings, words, choices, and actions, etc., carry magnificent creation and manifestation power in each moment of your existence that directly affects your experience in the moment and the ultimate outcome of your life.

It is necessary to clear out your emotional pain, energy that no longer serves you, mental chartering, your subconscious programming  and the third dimensional operating systems that keeps you on auto pilot without really being aware of how you live from one day to the next, how you go from point A to point B, and how you spend your time each day. As long as you remain unaware, there is no clarity, no real progress, no fulfillment, and no true service that you can bring to the world and to yourself.

So, start today by first making the decision of becoming aware in each moment of your life and living your life’s ultimate experiences that are deeply desired within you… then trust your intuition and guidance to take action. Trust that your decision will activate all the support of the universe to rush to you to help you in fulfilling your heart’s desires. If you are ready, I have a special offer that might be just what you are looking for which I will be telling you about soon!

Much Love and Light,

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P.P.P.S. Are you ready to step into, and live in, the higher dimension of pure love, light, ease, flow, and effortlessness to awaken and claim your divine power of who you really are, to serve the world on whole new and higher levels of your being, and ready to let go of any 3rd dimensional limitations, programming, operating systems, attachments, pain, suffering, and the feeling of being trapped? If so, then, I am here for you. Please email me ( to request a 30 minute no-cost MIRACLE REBIRTHING CREATION DISCOVERY session with me…Serious inquiries only, please!

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