For The First Time EVER, Awakened Spiritual Master Healer,
Intuitive, And Mentor Yin Ping Li Is Offering Group Spiritual
Energy Healing Series With Ascended Masters!

So You Can Be Emotional And Physical Pain-FREE,
Energized And Empowered…Aligned with the Source of
God/Goddess, And Finally Live Your DIVINE MISSION
Successfully With Ease, Joy, and Glory…

“Do Not Delay, Dear One, Your Work Is Important NOW!”

Tuesday, 11:11am
From: Yin Ping Li, Belle Mead, New Jersey

Dearest Visionary Leaders, Star Seeds, Light Workers, Healers, Coaches,

2012 is a very special and unique year for all of us. It is a year of transformation, possibility, and unity with God/Goddess and the entire Galactic universe. It is a beginning of new earth and a beginning of birthing of new humanity – “Divine Human”. And we are all here for this purpose to serve humanity and planet earth.

I’m writing to you with this intention in my mind and my heart that I am fully in alignment and more than ever before being in my divine power and mission, as a powerful channel for divine to bring much needed healing and nurturing to your body, your heart and your soul. So you can be physical and emotional pain-FREE, awaken to the god/goddess in YOU, connect to this infinite force more completely, aware of its message and receive its guidance more clearly and easily. This allows you to live your life and divine mission successfully with more flow, joy and freedom.

You likely already know the story of my awakening: I lost my 7-figure business in 2004, and from heart broke, ashamed, and devastated transformed forever with now constant flow of divine love and light…

My life is truly amazing. I have so much…to even count…I have a home that is so beautiful beyond words, filled with the most amazing energy of love and light from all the spirit of the divine beyond my knowledge. I am in constant state of love and blessing. I am so loved, do what I love spiritually and physically, supported in every way, and express my truly God/Goddess in me that not only serves me and most importantly servers all. And yes, it is also easy and fun for me to do as well. God’s blessings have allowed me that is available for everyone, to unfold continuously this infinite multidimensional/infinite part of me, the God/Goddess in ME, to be a channel for divine wisdom, love, light, and healing to people all of the world.

But, there’s a part of the story that often not being fully paid attention to…

It’s the REAL insider story…my personal healing journey. My spiritual awakening and enlightening journey is about constant healing and clearing old energy that no longer serving me to raise my vibration to align and harmonize with the vibration of unity, oneness with God. This part of the work takes tremendous determination, time, and effort to heal the separation, the gap, and consciously and consistently focus on purification and clearing within!

And I noticed something… the more I am being healed within and raised my vibration, the easier I was able to quiet my mind and be still and in peace, and the less I had to try figuring things out myself and flow with my divine guidance. As long as I listened and act on the guidance, my life and my divine mission becomes effortless and joyful and continued to unfold. As long as I kept my faith and trust, there was no struggle but divine perfection.

Everything I do in my life was/is geared with healing and clearing inside of me. This process was and still is the fuel for my heart and my soul – My pathway to deep connection with the divine and God/Goddess, and the entire world of the spirit.

There were surely some speed bumps in the road (and big ones, too!), but I noticed that as long as I focused on the healing and clearing within all levels of my being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, very quickly these speed bumps seemed disappeared into no-where.

Many people have come to me and told me that it was my level of vibration and purity of my energy that they notice at first when they come in contact with me. My clear connection with Divine, as a channel for divine pure vibration have come through in my book, my guided meditation, my spiritual energy healing, and everything I do, create, including my physical body and appearance, and so on. And the best part is that is ready for you to claim whenever you are ready.

On the surface, I know people must have thought how I maintained in such a high vibration. Or it was just for me, or I was just born lucky with such purity in my energy, because it all looked so effortless and magical. And in a way, it was/is! But it’s magic that we ALL have access to, right now.

It is time to heal ourselves, the separation with the divine, our planet earth, and our humanity. Everything starts healing within. And you will come to know that without healing within, we cannot possibly truly serve others, the world, and humanity (I will talk about this more later on). Through working with Kuan Yin, Ascended Masters, Divine Mothers, Angels and Archangels, and all of my Divine Support Team, I recognized that without heal those parts of me that kept me stuck in the 3 dimensional illusion of duality and kept me separate from Divine/Divine Mother/God Father, it is very difficult to fulfill my divine mission, my soul’s calling, the reason we were born here on earth.

For this reason, I have been guided, inspired, empowered, and honored to give and share this gift with you.

The time has come.

So if you’re ready to allow YOURSELF to be healed within so YOU can access the divine power the Goddess in you and the entire universe and live your divine mission, you’re going to love my brand new group spiritual energy healing series with Ascended masters to raise your vibration instantly without any effort to tap into their energy field and their amazing gifts for you….

Introducing Yin Ping’s First EVER
Group Spiritual Energy Healing Series
With Ascended Masters

WOW! I just realized the amazing power of Group Spiritual Energy Healing With Ascended Masters! What an incredible tool for healing hundreds even thousands people all at once. I dreamed about give healing to a huge auditorium thousands of audience. And this is where God wants me to start. It is truly the brilliance of the divine. I realized from my personal awakening journey, as well as years of giving individual healing to, visionary leaders, healers…man and women, like you, all over the global, and this is definite the truth from my book…

Our Journey of Complete Our Divine Mission …Is a Journey of personal
and spiritual healing…

Whenever you want to step into a greater inner self—be it speaking your true authentic voice, standing for what you believe, sharing your gifts with the world, claiming your divine power, fulfilling your mission, or starting a business to serve those you are here to serve, being one with God, or any type of leap—it always comes with a new found demand for increased courage, trust, faith, and moving through some type of fear or old energy.

And THIS, most often, is the part that gets in our way! And in general, woman, we hold back because we are seekers of security and comfort. If it feels not secure we hold back, if we feel people will reject us, we hold back. And often we think we are not good enough for what we desire deeply. Now it is the time to heal it all! Aren’t you feeling the urge to step into your power to serve? And all the old energy must go and there is no room for fear.

If you are a healer yourself, you might do many different forms or types of healing on yourself if not consistently every day at least quiet often. It’s obvious that you can heal others in an amazing way, but, it seemed that you might have struggled a bit to HEAL YOURSELF COMPLETELY. You know this because you have been working on yourself possibly for years. You have healed yourself in a tremendous ways, but you know you just need a little help to get to deeper level of healing than you could get to.

I met this very gifted and spiritual and an amazing women through my beloved Kuan Yin, and she told me, even I have never heard about “healing” or “Reiki” these words in my entire life, she said, “Dear one, you are here because you need to heal these healers! And it is the healers who really need to be healed first…” I never forget her words even though I couldn’t fully grasp the meaning of it, but it rang a truth in me very deeply. Right now, it is reflected back to me as if it was yesterday. And so it is the truth.

For the first time ever, I inspired so deeply to offer my, group spiritual energy healing Session Series with Ascended Masters to all of you…because your personal healing journey will affect the entire journey of our humanity and planet earth…you know who you are, star seeds, light workers, and healers, visionary leaders…It is not about struggling and it is about fulfilling your mission that you came for with ease, joy, and glory.

So, I am extremely excited to offer you my group spiritual energy healing Series with Ascended Masters…

– Session One –
Thursday, February 23 at 7pm Eastern

Healing with Kuan Yin – Divine Mother – Goddess of
Love and Compassion…


I am extremely honored and privileged to bring you this special group spiritual energy healing with the most beloved KUAN YIN – She is so loved and honored all through Asia and the entire world for her commitment to liberate all sentiment beings on planet earth….and for everything she is doing for humanity and her amazing vibration of love, compassion, and much more beyond our knowledge…

She told me that every time I meditate she will be with me and behind me work with me, and “It was long told, you are the voice of Kuan Yin”…I feel her tremendous energy so deeply in me within me through meher vibration and her wisdom is behind all my creation, my teaching, and healing, and much more…my heart is so expanded and filled with her love this very moment as I write…she is with me and stand right behind me and supporting me…

And, she is here for you too, dear one…and, this is exact the reason that I am offering you healing with our beloved Kuan Yin, she wants to give you the exactly same blessings and support and love as she has giving me and all those she is working with now…

Aren’t you excited to receive her special gift and healing for YOU?!

Following are short lists of the benefits and possible results for YOU:

  • Experiencing all the love in your heart and your body with Kuan Yin– Ascended Master – Divine Mother – Goddess of Love and Compassion and Wisdom
  • Freeing your emotional pains, disappointments, and stress
  • Purifying physical dis-ease, energy blockages, heaviness and discomfort
  • Quieting your mind
  • Nurturing and comforting your inner most being
  • Rejuvenating your entire physical body and all of your body parts
  • Repairing your entire energy body
  • Feeling deeply loved and supported
  • Connecting more deeply with the higher realms and the infinite Source
  • Feeling more in control and hopeful
  • Feeling more confidence and self-love
  • Feeling lighter with more energy
  • Rejuvenated, recharged, nurtured, inspired, loved, and feeling more peaceful than ever
  • Group Dynamics! Empowering and amplify the healing for the entire group
  • Yes. It is absolutely anti-aging
  • And so much more…

Yes, It’s All Worth it! I Promise…

Listen, Clearing physical heaviness, pains and discomfort Clearing physical heaviness, pains and discomfort you might already know this, but sometimes it’s important someone reminds you all this!

And here’s the reward, far greater than all the personal healing you are going to receive…

And it is…if and Only if ½% to 1% of the population who awakens and being a channel of light to the world, we will have enough positive energy to alter all the negativity and destruction in the world right now to bring the reality of peace on earth and earn the right to be able to become DIVINE HUMAN, the GODDESS/GOD that we are, once again.

Because the choices we make each day and each moment with our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, will ultimately determine the destiny of our own life, others, humanity, and planet earth.

If you know this is the reason you were here on earth, it is bigger than any one person and any amount of money in the world…

The power of spiritual energy healing for those who are ready to accept the healing and ready to claim their place on earth and ready for their divine mission is beyond measure.

If you’ve lost your way and are ready to reclaim the Goddess in YOU, or want to power-up your relationship with your higher self, or step into your divine purpose, you are going to love this Group Spiritual Energy Healing Series with Ascended Master – Session One with Kuan Yin…

And, About Your Security, Your Divine Mission, and the $$$ Thing…

I want to make it clear also how important healing yourself and the gap between you and YOU – the Goddess in you – your HIGHER SELF – God – the Universe – the Source, however you name it. Being one with your higher self, God, is your first step to truly have your security, with all the needs and desires met abundantly, money will never be an issue again, and then your divine mission comes effortlessly.

It is God’s will to support you abundantly in every ways, and you will be empowered to dramatically increase the money in your life. You know feeling truly safe and secure without any money worries in life gives me such a peace and centered me deeply within and with God, the Goddess in me…and it is for this reason that God takes away my money worries and lacks in my life.

Everything in the universe if energy. Money is simply an energy exchange. But working hard isn’t the answer on its own both to money and your divine mission. (I’m sure you’ve figured this out for yourself. I sure have.)

It’s when you come from the place of abundance and service you have put your energy in the right place; your mind, heart, and soul in the right place; AND combine it with your all the guided actions you can take… from where you are… with what you have—THAT brings the money, and that process automatically serve others and the world.

When you truly heal yourself within, tap into your divine power, and live your divine mission will bring you True abundance and money, again to allow you to serve even more…and that is when you will have your true freedom. “Financially free” isn’t in the money it is in your being-ness with Divine and your ability to serve the world.

So by healing yourself, you can tap into the power of the fuel it takes to create money and security for yourself easily and in the same time serving others and live your divine mission.

How to Tell If This Is For YOU?

  • Your heart and soul are crying out for more love, support, and guidance for your life and your divine mission
  • You’ve been working SO hard and doing all the things you know you’re supposed to be doing or told to do, but it’s just not coming together
  • You’re feeling stuck right now in your personal or professional life and are ready for things to flow freely again
  • You’ve lost touch with this part of you that has all the faith you like to have and are ready to reclaim it
  • You’re really feeling restless, with a knowing there must be something GREAT around the corner but you don’t know what it is or how/when it’s showing up
  • You feel as if you’re being “tested” by the Universe—in your finances, your relationships, or even your health
  • You are experiencing a huge transformation right now in your life that you really like to have some support for a more easier transition
  • Your physical body desperately need healing, the emotional pain have been manifested the “dis-ease” is your body that’s affecting all other areas of your life
  • You’ve been noticing whenever you go for something big, things are working a little while, then you go right back to your old self, your shield, where you feel familiar and safe, and you are ready to break free from this cycle frustration
  • You’re totally discussed, ready and open to heal your body, mind, emotions, and your life
  • You know deeply it is about the time now to truly step into your power and live your divine mission no matter what

So won’t you join me? Come receive the amazing nurturing energy of Kuan Yin – Divine Mother – Goddess of Love, Compassion and Wisdom who can’t wait to heal the separation between you and YOU, the divine in you, and take away your heart’s pain and suffering that are so deep not only personal also culture and humanity as a whole, and infuse your heart with love and joy. And there is more, Imagining yourself standing in the center of the universe with intense pure light falling and beaming into you from all directions surrounding you moving through you instantly purifying all dense and dark energy in your energy field, leaving you pure and clear, as if you were just re-birthing from the light of God Mother and Father? You were instantly becoming the clear channel for Spirit. Your connection with God is so deep and strong that you could tap into your divine guidance at anytime and anywhere, and discover your personal path for effortless fulfilling your divine mission, joy, love, and so much more…(Imagine having the correct answer on hand for any question that may come up during your journey!)

I was shown the power of healing is not limited to what your life could be changed also what you are going to do with your mission when you are healed. It’s tremendous. One person who is truly being healed can affect millions with one’s life mission. You could be that person…and for this reason, I am so honored and empowered on all levels of my being to offer you this, along with all of my guides, Ascended Masters, Divine Mothers, and all of the angels and archangels and many more being of light…

– Session One –
Thursday, February 23 at 7pm Eastern

Healing with Kuan Yin – Divine Mother – Goddess of Love and Compassion…

So I’m making available this spiritual energy healing session series with Ascended Masters—Session One – Healing with Kuan Yin…right at the comfort of your own home – the entire 60 minutes— for just $197 with earlier registration saving of $50 if you act before midnight eastern Wednesday Feb. 22 2012. This is a very special limited time offer and your must act by Wednesday February 15 at midnight eastern time.

You will feel immediately better, brighter, more beautiful, more radiant, more in control, more hopeful for your current situation and your divine mission, and even solutions you have been looking for could suddenly appear right in front of your eyes that you never noticed before, and many more other benefits for you…

Plus, You get a 30 min “Re-birthing Visionary Leader“
Strategy Call with Me Personally at NO-COST
($300 Value, only for the next 2 who register!)

Due to my availability, I have allowed the maximum capacity to personally speaking to the first 8 who joins (2 additional SPOTS) to give you my intuitive insights on the possible shifts must take place in YOU and guidance for your next step in order for you to get your vision and your work out to the world the way you always dreamed about effortlessly and joyfully.

Yes, it is very important right now, year 2012, to bring out your unique gifts and your unique contributions to the world, humanity, and planet earth. Because your work is important in this time of great shift energetically, dimensionally, and timely in assisting humanity and planet earth moving into its next state of evolution and glorious destiny.

You were born for this, dear one! Did you feel the urgency right in your belly? If yes, then don’t miss out the opportunity to speak with me personally!

You don’t have to wait too long to speak with me personally – your free 30 min “Re-birthing Visionary Leader” Strategy Call with me will be scheduled immediately as soon as your purchase is complete.

Important: My Personal “Make-You-Feel-Happy/Safe” Guarantee

My intention is for you to be more than 100% satisfied with my “Group Spiritual Energy Healing”, and if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with this session, I want to make sure you end up happy.

If you let my team know within 30 days of your session about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any of my online product. Please note since “Group Spiritual Energy Healing” is a completely live energy work personally conducted by me, no refunds can be granted. But again, we are happy to offer you a full credit toward any other product!

So, Are You Ready to JOIN ME for Healing the Gap Between you and the Goddess in YOU?

If you’re ready to start to heal your gap between you and the Goddess in YOU, dissolve energetic, emotional, and physical blockages no logger serving YOU, step into YOUR glorious and magnificent higher self, serve the world as your soul contracted with God before your incarnation easily and freely…then don’t miss out on this special offer! Let me be your personal healer/guide in your journey of reclaiming your divine power and complete your divine mission here on earth effortlessly by Joining me now for your Group Spiritual Energy Healing Session one – healing with Kuan Yin – divine Mother – Ascended Master – Goddess of Love and Compassion by clicking below…

I’m delighted and honored to supporting you in your journey…

Love and light,

P.S. Remember, the “30 minutes free ‘Re-birthing Visionary Leader’ strategy call with Me” is only for the first 8 who join! That means you could get TWO of my most VALUABLE services for the low investment of $197 for the health of your body, mind, spirit, and your divine mission. You are worthy it. Don’t wait on this one! Start your healing right now with, Kuan Yin, and save $50 by midnight eastern time Wednesday February 22. click here now to register.