Healing Essence of Water

Beautiful One,

The Chinese 5 elements include: water, air, fire, metal, and soil. The entire universe consists of combinations of these 5 elements, and so does our body. Water is one thing we can’t live without; more than 70% of our body is fluid. The essence of water, fluid, flows, smooths, heals, and comforts. It is so important to our body, not only for maintaining good, vibrant, health, but also for raising your vibration and your spiritual advancement.

You already know how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water each day. I would like to add that you should send love to the water whether you are drinking the water or use the water in your shower, bath, or for washing. Yes, send love to your water, all the water you come in contact with, whenever you see a stream of water, an ocean, a bottle of water, etc. Send love, your love, to all the water you come into contact with… it is indeed healing to you and to all.

Much Love and Light,

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