“There is a MAGIC in your soul’s vibration and in your physicality. A group of like-minded souls – old souls – ancient souls – together creates miracles and bring magnificent awakening and shifting for many… It will be my absolute Delight to have met you finally face to face”

By Yin Ping Li

I truly believe living your dream is possible!

But, we all do need help to get there.
Here is a great opportunity for you to step into this possibility.

Imagine the Possibilities of Finally Being:

Free from physical, emotional, and heart’s pain and suffering

Free from worries, doubts, and fears of not being good enough, or not being safe enough, or not being in control of your destiny

Free from gaining approval or acceptance of someone else other than yourself

Free from making choices based on lacking rather than infinite abundance

Completely awakened to the Divine Feminine that IS YOU

Able to TRULY Express and Experience Your Divinity, the pure joy, flow, love, freedom, effortlessness,and BE Who YOU Are!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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“Galactic Illumination and Awakening Celebration Retreat”

LIVE Event 2012

Attention: Spiritual Teachers, Peace Makers, Shamans,
Healers, Authors, Speakers, Artists, and Heart- Centered,
Service-Oriented Entrepreneurs!

“Where Will YOU Be On December 21, 2012?”

Are You Ready To:

    • Be Awakened Instantly?
    • Be Healed Completely?
    • Remember Energetically Who You Truly Are?
    • Break Free Once and For All From Your Worries and Stress?
    • Gain True Inner Awareness and Illumination?
    • Complete Your Mission Here on Earth?

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