About Yin Ping

“My personal journey of Awakening, Remembering, and Enlightening…I HONOR YOU as I AM!”

by Yin Ping Li

Yin Ping Li, awakened spiritual master healer, intuitive, mentor, and a best-selling author of Awakening: Fulfilling Your Souls Purpose on Earth. She specialize in helping visionary leaders, healers, light-workers, coaches, authors, who ready to heal the gap with the God/Goddess within, fully step into the light of their magnificent higher self to fulfill their divine mission/purpose effortlessly and prosperously and bring new reality of humanity that is embodiment of love, light, abundance, freedom, truth and divine expression.

She was born and raised in China to a family of four bigger brothers who are 10 to 20 years older, her mothers was a nurse, her father was an accountant, and her grandparents devoted in Buddhism practice and humanitarian work.

As a young girl, she suffered with poor health and poor nutrition. So her family decided for her to participant in sports to improve her health. Yin Ping started to play table-tennis at age of seven. By eight years, she was selected among one of the few to join sports school, which is a great honor for her.

Very soon, table-tennis became her life. She trained everyday, every summer break, every winter break. In winter days, she had to get up earlier morning, when outside was still dark, and walk every morning for more 30 minutes to school. Her parents used to say, “Home to Yin Ping is like a hotel!” Because she left early morning and came home later at night. She dreamed becoming a professional table-tennis player in China. (One of her playmates, who eventually won a World Double Championship title.) But, it was not her destiny.

She passed her college exam and was recruited by one of the top 10 University in China, Zhejiang University, due to her sports talent, She continued to train through college. She won many titles, especially, national titles in the Chinese National Collegiate Table Tennis Tournament in 1982. And received her under graduate degree there in the field of Electrical engineering from Zhejiang University in China.

Coming to America:

In her twenties, She came to America with her husband to pursuit their American Dream. She purchased one way airline ticket with borrowed money and without knowing anyone else in America, hardly speaking any English, and no money in the pocket.

She still remembered the days that she would bicycle for food shopping, bicycle to school, and bicycle everywhere. And their first $400 used car, the place they stayed was smaller than their home office right now.

Soon she received her Master degree in Applied Mathematics in United States from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and started to work for cooperate America, become an associate of America Society of Actuary. She had great success and quick advancement in her career, had more than doubled her income and her personal closing door office instead of these “cubes!” But, as her first child, her daughter – Arlina – came her way, she started her home based business. Within her first two years working part time, she had built an incredible business, which allowed her to walk away her highly paying career. She remarks that, “It was the easiest decision of my life to quit my job and enjoy my own freedom!” Within first few years, she had built a 7-figure business.

In her thirties, she had everything that an American dream seed to her at that point of her life, a great business, beautiful home, married with two gorgeous children. Yet, she could not advance to the next level of success, accomplishment, and income, as she hoped for it. She knew what takes to get to the next level, but she could not get herself to do that. Her ego wanted the next level but her heart was just want to have more joy, peace, and happiness. She was very frustrated, not happy, not fulfilled, and struggled…Eventually, she lost her business all together!

Divine Guidance:
Out of desperation, she was guided to start her intense daily meditation and journaling. Removing herself from the three-dimensional world of TVs, movies, videos, news, papers, radios, even people, and so on to slow down and connect within her own being, her inner true self. Purifying her mental, emotional, physical, and energetic bodies to rise her vibrational energy field by letting go of all of her feelings of frustration, anger, pain and so on. She was given steps to focus within herself to search for the meaning of her life, discover her talents, fulfill her soul’s purpose, and awaken to the truth of, who she really is, with the assistance of Kuan Yin, the goddess of love, compassion, and wisdom and the Spirit World.

She was further guided to purifying her intentions, thoughts, and let go the her ego mind�s control and to connect even deeper with her guides, angels, Ascended Masters, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and many high beings of light to further her spiritual growth and awakening. Every step she took by following this divine guidance brings healing to all areas of her life that transformed her reality.

A Great Awakening:
Through this journey of Quest within, she had discovered that we are one with everything in the universe and God, the source of all. She had been giving a gift of great healing ability and it had been long told that, “she is a voice of Kwan Yin, and she carries the wisdom of the ancient secret within her being.” And, her soul’s purpose of this lifetime is to reach higher consciousness, and be a conduit of light, love, wisdom and the truth to assist the evolution of the humanity and to help the awakening of soul’s love, light, and perfection within.

In this process, she had learned many life lessons and challenges that thought her to let go and learn to love all things, conditions, and people in her life. It allowed her to go deeper, discover who she really is, and advance in her spiritual awareness. It further prepared and unfolded her inner true gifts and talents that would allow her to do what she is here to do in this lifetime to fulfill her soul’s purpose and her life’s work.

She has manifested and created great abundance in her own physical reality. As she let go of the old, new forms of beauty, harmony and abundance are coming into her life with less and less effort in her part. Her awareness and oneness with the realms of the spirits, her soul and higher self, her guides, angelic realm, Kuan Yin, as well as things and people in the universe allows her to live a balanced and truly fulfilled life. She is extremely grateful for having the opportunity to bring healing and spiritual awareness and awakening into your soul and your life.

Live Beyond the Appearance of the Physical Reality:
She dedicates herself to living beyond the appearance of her physical reality, to seek the perfection of her being in her everyday experience, and to transform her thoughts and emotions to reflect the essence of her true self. She believes that every encounter in life represents an opportunity for her to gain insights about herself and learn to forgive, let go, allow, be present, and most of all, to open her heart to love unconditionally. She truly teaches the principles that she practices in every aspect of her own life daily.